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About the Musical

Mula sa Buwan is an original Filipino musical based on Edmond Rostand's timeless classic Cyrano de Bergerac and weaves themes of unrequited love, beauty, and friendship into a more familiar story: OURS.

Now set in the vibrant landscapes of 1940s Manila, the musical features wide-eyed dreamers, mavericks, and misfits. Through wit, stories, and music, they dream and fight for their place in an ever-changing city.However, when war strikes, love, ideals, and truth are all tested–the young are now suddenly forced to “grow up”.


The aftermath brings us to a field of rubble, of forgotten memories, and of heroes lost in a country struggling to survive. At the center of it all is the heartbreaking love story between the poet Cyrano, his beloved Roxane, and the kindhearted Christian.


Book: Pat Valera

Original Lyrics: William Elvin Manzano & Pat Valera

Original Music: William Elvin Manzano


Based on Edmond Rostand’s “Cyrano de Bergerac”

and Soc Rodrigo’s Filipino translation

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